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Roosevelt Pristel  - Personel Trainter

Growing up as a kid in an active family, my mom was a great inspiration to me, always making me drink carrot juice and celery juice, and eating sugar free candy only.

        I always had a fear of becoming big, because obesity runs in my family.
I constantly moved around and always found a gym to and trainer. My first trainer was great. She competed in the "Emerald Cup"; she was the first person ever to encourage me to compete. She made me aware of my technique and form. My second trainer, a competitor at Venice Beach, got me to realize the importance of meal management. After that, I worked with another trainer doing extreme intense workouts.

       My mom, is a 9-time world-record holder in the AAU and WBDL, and still setting' and breaking 'em at age 77, is my inspiration. I've been training with her coach and trainer, Andrew "Bull" Stewart, for 6 years. I started competing in powerlifting (the WBDL) in 2009, setting records in State, American and World in the USAPL Powerlifting Federation, and in the AAU - Powerlifting - 4 time world record holder.

      My latest adventure has been Physique and Bodybuilding competitions. I was fortunate enough to take 1st place at my first Masters All Natural Physique Competition, with the guidance of my coach, John F. Nickerson.

      As a personal trainer, I enjoy training and working with people. One of my clients, at age 15, set a state record in powerlifting and came in second place in the World's Powerlifting Competition in Las Vegas, Nevada.

     I love to see everyone's great journey to progress in their desires of fitness and be there to help them make it happen. To motivate, to inspire, to encourage. It's your journey. I'm here to help you get there.


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